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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Okka Kshanam (2017)

Movie Info
IMDB:Okka Kshanam (2017)
[Format]����..[  HD
[Genre]�����[  Romance, Thriller
[Cast]�����.[  Allu SirishSurabhiSrinivas Avasarala     
[Writer]:����.[  Vi AnandAbburi Ravi (dialogue)      
[Director]:���..[   Vi Anand  
[Duration]����[ 150   min
[Search Subtitles]�.[ Subscene.com
[iMDB Rating]���[7.1/10
Jeeva (Allu Sirish) leads a happy life with his lover turned life partner Surabhi, until he gets to know his neighbor and their life. The couple witnesses bizarre coincidences and similarities between situations happening in their neighboring couple's (Avasarala Srinivas - Seerat Kapoor) life and their own lives. As they get to see an unfortunate incident in Avasarala Srinivas family, now, going by the parallel lives theory, is what the thrilling Okka Kshanam is all about.

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